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“One of the most professional and experienced asbestos handling companies in the country, offering a wide and varied selection of services, relating to every sector of the market.”

Residential Sabestos Removal

Residential Services

A full range of residential services.

Commercial Services

Specialists in commercial asbestos services.

Commercial asbestos removal
Industrial asbestos removal

Industrial Services

Extensive experience in the UK industrial sector.

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Asbestos Survey

Asbestos Surveys

For your peace of mind, the professional and diligent survey team are qualified to BOHS P402 standard, and are vastly experienced in their field. The team can perform both ‘Management’ and ‘Refurbishment/Demolition’ surveys, and in either case, a comprehensive and transparent report is provided showing any potential asbestos hazards that may be present in the building, together with a list of recommendations for remedial work, should it be required. 

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos Removal

Each removal project is tailored specifically to the client’s needs, and is based on years of experience in the field of asbestos removal and abatement services. Strict adherence to the Code of Practice (HSE L143 – Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012) in the preparation and execution of each project undertaken ensures the ongoing safety of both clients, and the environment.

Asbestos Waste Removal

Asbestos Waste Removal

The right equipment is used, operated by the correctly trained staff, following the approved Environment Agency procedure, to get the job done quickly and safely, regardless of the volume of asbestos waste to be removed. Just let us know the situation you are facing, and we will be able to provide the right solution to your asbestos problems, along with the peace of mind of knowing the job is in professional hands.

Soft Demolition

Soft Strip Demolition

With the increasing popularity of brown field redevelopment, the removal of waste from within a structure prior to refurbishment has become of greater importance in recent times. This process is known as Soft Strip Demolition and it involves the removal of such material as insulation, false ceilings, flooring, skirting, and portioning. Asbestos is often uncovered during this process, necessitating professional removal to the correct safety standards.

Environmental Safety

Environmental Safety

Removal of asbestos waste is only the first part of the job. That waste must be disposed of in the proper manner in order to comply with the relevant legislation, but perhaps more importantly, to minimise the environmental impact of the process. This involves acting with the upmost care and consideration, as well as the recycling of as much Soft Strip material as possible along the way.

Pigeon Guano Removal

Pigeon Guano Removal

Due to changes in our climate, and the ever increasing food supply available from general refuse, the pigeon population in most UK cities has exploded. Removal of pigeon guano has now become a serious problem, and due to the fact that pigeons carry an estimated 60 different diseases, one that requires professional treatment. In addition, pigeons can nest in some very hard to reach places, making the correct training and experience of a team even more important.

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